Seasick Steve – You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks – Review

The Photo Of The Dog Was Taken at Eastney Beach Portsmouth!!

Seasick Steve is back making his blues/folk mix, wielding his custom homemade guitars and instruments again (including one made from cigar boxes and even one from Morris Minor hubcaps). Steve is probably one of the most modest and genuine musicians around today bar none, someone whom success and even the opportunity to record music has come late in life what with Steve officially now a pensioner.. The new album ‘You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks’ sees a new batch of songs from the often animated wanderer some of which feature a certain John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin fame on bass.

The first track ‘Treasures’ is a song chastising those that are only concerned with worldly goods, the song has a real feel of American series Johnny Cash about it, with its simple chord strums, fiddle/banjo accompaniments and specifically the vocal styling’s by Steve on the track. The next track is the title track and the first song on the album to feature John Paul Jones on bass, this is a much more up tempo track with a real groove to it supplied by the bass (the first Seasick album to feature it), recorded using his Morris Minor guitar this is probably the stand out track on the album. ‘I Don’t Know Why She Love Me But She Do’ is another up tempo song built upon Dan Magnusson’s drum poundings, Steve’s overdriven cigar box guitar and some great slide and blues picking. Electric blues burnout ‘Back in the Doghouse’ is another song to feature John Paul Jones on bass and is one of the heavier tracks to feature on the album. It’s a great pedal to the metal all out blues rocker made all the more impressive by the fact its recorded on Steve’s 3 string guitar or ‘3-String Trance Wonder’ as he calls it.

Seasick Steve is a no nonsense kind of guy who sticks to what he knows and does it better than most, as a result you won’t be amazed to find out there isn’t any dramatic change of direction on the new album, it is however another collection of good songs from the one time drifter. Together with his trusted drumming sidekick Dan Magnusson (who would give The Muppets Animal a run for his crazy money) and new ally John Paul Jones who lends his time to the record between projects, this is further proof of the old saying ‘If it Ain’t broke don’t fix it’ as Seasick Steve is at the top of his game.

Rating: –


Tracklisting: –

1. Treasures
2. You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
3. Burnin’ Up
4. Don’t Know Why She Love Me But She Do
5. Have Mercy On The Lonely
6. Whiskey Ballad
7. Back In The Doghouse
8. Underneath A Blue And Cloudless Sky
9. What A Way To Go
10. Part
11. Days Gone
12. It’s A Long, Long Way

Recommended Tracks: –

‘Treasures’, ‘You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks’, ‘Don’t Know Why She Love Me But She Do’, ‘Back In The Doghouse’



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