25 Desert Island Songs

I remember quite a while back on my facebook i posted a note about the 20 songs i would choose if i were to be left on a secluded island with nothing more than an mp3 player and 20 songs of my choice, i’ve decided as a way for anyone visting to get a gauge of the direction i come from musically i thought i’d post up my 25 choices in no particular order and give a brief description as to why i chose it (I added an additional 5 because i simply couldn’t narrow it down to 20).

1. Metallica – …And Justice For All

There’s so many Metallica songs i could have chosen and up until recently Orion would almost certainly been my choice and i still love that song but for me at this moment …And Justice For All is my choice as it is a truly epic masterpiece.

2. Ennio Morricone – Ecstacy Of Gold

I fell in love with this song from the moment i first heard it as Metallica’s intro tape.

3. Biffy Clyro – Machines

This was probably the hardest of all the artists songs listed to narrow down to just one as i could make a case for pretty much every song they’ve ever recorded. This is testified by the fact that despite this being no.3 on the list it’s actually the last one filled in to give me extra thinking time. I remember the last time i did this list i chose ‘Now The Action Is On Fire’ and i still love that song but as times change ‘Machines’ has become the song that i would have to select in these circumstances as it is such a meaningful and beautiful song. I must however once again reiterate this could have been nearly ANY Biffy Clyro song!

4. Johnny Cash – Hurt

I remember i used to scorn and laugh at the idea of Johnny Cash but it was this song when i first heard it that made me take notice and go back and listen to Cash’s extensive back Catalogue and i now love him, but this is for me still the stand out track and in my opinion the best cover of any song by anyone.

5. Oasis – Champagne Supernova

Oasis were the first band i truly got into when i was growing up and Definately Maybe was the 1st album i ever bought, there were a few potential choices again here but champagne Supernova is and always has been the Oasis song i could listen to over and over.

6. Mastodon – The Czar

It took a few listens to truly get into and appreciate the brilliance of Mastodon i started with the Leviathon album which as i reviewed yesterday i view as a modern day masterpiece and up until recently my choice here would have been ‘Hearts Alive’ from that record. This track however comes from their last offering ‘Crack The Skye’ and i chose it because it has slowly the more i’ve listened to that album become my favourite Mastodon song and is truly one of the best songs fullstop.

7. Opeth – Blackwater Park

The title track from Opeth’s best album and another album i believe to be a classic, this song has everything blistering riffs, heaviness the likes of which you can only imagine, yet also has some of the best mellow and melodic bits written. This in one song sums up the brilliance that you can only get from Opeth.

8. Rage Against The Machine – Born Of A Broken Man

This is not the obvious RATM song yet it has always been the one that i love listening to and go back and listen to again when listening to the ‘Battle Of Los Angeles’ album, it was also the 1st Rage song i learnt to play on my Guitar.

9. Snow Patrol – Run

Love this song plain and simple, from the second i first heard it i had to go download, this was the song responsible for making me get into Snow Patrol, it’s a beautiful song.

10. Pendulum – Island Pt 1 & 2

I know theoretically it’s two tracks but it’s one song split in two so sue me.. i chose this as i’m really into Pendulum at the moment and they were Amazing when i saw them, this is probably my favourite song by them at the moment.

11. The Prodigy – Firestarter

I know that this is the obvious song but i’ve always loved it from the second i first heard it back in school in 1997, if ‘Definately Maybe’ was the first album i ever bought on tape, ‘The Fat Of The Land’ was the 1st CD i ever bought and i still listen to it quite regularly now, brilliant album, brilliant song.

12. Mumford & Sons – White Blank Page

Although a relatively new band they have made a massive impression on me and are the sole reason for me starting to explore the folk genre, one which i had previous ignored to be honest. This is such a strong emotive song and is brilliant in it’s simplicity yet is still toe tappingly great, add to that Mumford & Sons are without doubt one of the best bands i’ve EVER seen live (And thats a list that totals into the 200’s and includes some of the biggest names in music) gets Mumford as a must inclusion on my list.

13. Michael Andrews & Gary Jules – Mad World

If Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ is the best cover ever done this is number 2, from the moment i watched Donnie Darko and heard this for the first time i thought it was brilliant, sang with plenty of emotion it turns what was to be honest a mediocre song at best (Albeit one with great lyrics) into a great one.

14. Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms

A great band who are quite often overlooked, they have lots of great songs but for me ‘Brothers in Arms’ is a truly phenomenal piece of musicianship, very raw and passionate and almost simplistic in it’s approach as Knopfler doesn’t play anything he doesn’t need to and it’s truly effective.

15. Mike Oldfield – Moonlight Shadow

I Love Mike Oldfield a brilliant all round musician who can play and do almost anything, quite possibly one of the most diverse musicians you will ever find, instead of going for the obvious ‘Tubular Bells’ which is brilliant i’ve chosen ‘Moonlight Shadow’ as it’s a good song which shows a different side to Oldfield and the song is beautifully sung by Maggie Reilly.

16. Luciano Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma

This most definately is the obvious song, despite this it’s a brilliant rendition of a great song by what is without doubt the greatest Tenor you’ll find anytime soon. Although at this point i will give some recognition to Katherine Jenkin’s who also does a great version of this song.

17. Samuel Barber – Addagio For Strings

The song from Platoon, this is a stunning musical composition very mellow and melodic but extremely moving and a definate addition.

18. Don McClean – American Pie

Currently set as my alarm tone on my phone so i wake up to this everyday, this is one of those songs that everyone knows and to be honest i think pretty much everyone likes aswell a great song a timeless classic!

19. Jeff Wayne & Justin Hayward – Forever Autumn

Taken from possibly the greatest concept album every recorded Jeff Waynes ‘War Of The Worlds’, this is a work of sheer genius and inventiveness and it seems a shame to take just one track out of what is an amazing album, but this is the track i’d choose.

20. Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name

This is my favourite Iron Maiden song and is an absolute classic, the concluding track to what is their best known album ‘The Number Of The Beast’ this is nothing short of seven minutes and ten seconds of sheer audio heaven!!

21. Eminem – Stan

The only rap song to make my top 25 and to be honest the only song likely to, i like some rap along the way i.e. Eminem obviously, Beastie Boys, Dr Dre etc.. but Stan is a stand out track within the genre.

22. Muse – Knights Of Cydonia

This is a band that i absolutely adore and always credited as about the best live band on the planet (Last gig i saw apart which was somewhat below their usual high standards.) There were a few contenders for the Muse song i sprung for ‘Knights Of Cydonia’ though due to it’s sheer unadulterated epicness.

23. Nirvana – Pennyroyal Tea (Unplugged)

This is another band where there were multiple song possibilities but i narrowed it to Pennyroyal Tea which is in all probability in my opinion their best song, i chose the unplugged version because it is Kurt Cobain performing solo and it’s filled with pure passion and emotion.

24. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird

This is my uncle’s favourite song and i can definately see why it’s so melodic and such a great song to strum along to.

25. Pantera – Domination

The last but certainly not the least song on my list sees me end off in heavy fashion, i would reel off lots of different reasons for picking this song but lets be honest we all know it’s for that Beatdown at the end!!!

So there you have it the 25 songs i would at this moment in time choose if i were to be left deserted, i hope this has given a slight insight into my musical tastes and upbringing albeit quite ecclectic. There were several other songs that didn’t make the list as originally i had a list of about 70 or 80 songs to whittle down to the 25 i’m happy with, it’s a shame they couldn’t all make the list but it might have been crazy doing 100 desert island songs!! Anyway hope you enjoyed this until next time!!



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