Foo Fighters – Wasting Light – Review – 16/05/2011

My first review for the new up and running blog has to go to the new Foo Fighters album ‘Wasting Light’, and can i start by saying it’s good to see the Foo Fighters back after their time apart with Them Crooked Vultures and Taylor Hawkin’s & The Coattail Riders. As most fans of Foo Fighters know they have never yet made a complete album they always seem to be made up of 4 or 5 killer singles, 2 or 3 decent songs and the rest made up of filler, this album unfortunately once again falls into that bracket.

Opening song ‘Bridge Burning’ is arguably one of the best rock album openers for a very long time! From the moment Grohl screams ‘These are my famous last words…..’ it’s clear this is nothing more than a barnstorming rock barage whilst being so hugely anthemic you can already picture it being played at absolute top volume come July at Milton Keynes. First single ‘Rope’ sees a return to the earlier Foo Fighters sound whilst still being a big, dynamic, hook-laden monster of a song. ‘White Limo’ a song that in the video sees Lemmy driving said vehicle, is a song in which the influence of some of the people Dave Grohl has been around in Them Crooked Vultures has rubbed off on him (Josh Homme in Particular) as this has quite a Queens Of The Stone Age Vibe to it whist maintaining that Foo’s abilty to write big tunes.

This album is a return to their roots with it being totally recorded in analogue in Dave Grohl’s garage, the guest appearance of Krist Novoselic on ‘I Should Have Known’, the recording return of Pat Smear and the mastering by Butch Vig (The first time they’ve all worked together since Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’). This coupled with Grohl’s uncanny knack for writing huge songs make this album probably the best since ‘There Is Nothing Left To Lose’, however it still suffers the same pitfalls of previous Foo Fighters albums and proves to be some killer, some filler.

Rating: –


Tracklisting :-

01 – Bridge Burning
02 – Rope
03 – Dear Rosemary
04 – White Limo
05 – Alandria
06 – These Day’s
07 – Back & Forth
08 – A Matter Of Time
09 – Miss The Misery
10 – I Should Have Known
11 – Walk

Stand Out Tracks: –

Bridge Burning, Rope, White Limo, Walk



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