Video Of The Week – Biffy Clyro – ‘Different People’ (Live The O2)

This week I have decided to put up the live video that Biffy Clyro Posted on YouTube yesterday of themselves performing ‘Different People’ at the O2 on their recent tour a show that I was in attendance, I chose this for two reasons the first being that it just plain rocks the second being this all but confirms that there will be a DVD release of the show I would suspect which is good news as I’ll get another permanent keepsake of a show I was at! Anyway Enjoy Peeps!



R.I.P Jeff Hanneman


I am completely shocked and somewhat gutted to confirm that Slayer have reported guitarist Jeff Hanneman has passed away. A Statement Read:-

“Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at about 11AM this morning near his Southern California home, Hanneman was in an area hospital when he suffered liver failure. He is survived by his wife Kathy, his sister Kathy and his brothers Michael and Larry, and will be sorely missed.

Our Brother Jeff Hanneman, May He Rest In Peace (1964 – 2013)”

I would oviously like to start by offering my deepest to Jeff’s bandmates, his friends and his family. I knew That Jeff had been fighting some really strange virus but I have to say that this was completely shocking and unexpected news! So I’d like to at this point share some of my favourite Slayer moments.

Raining Blood: –

Angel Of Death: –

South Of Heaven: –

Hell Awaits: –


Biffy Clyro – Opposites – Review


In Keeping with what I said the other day about trying to update this more often again I thought I’d start by Reviewing one of the albums I’ve been meaning to do for the last 4 months!! Biffy Clyro’s latest offering ‘Opposites’. Lets start by stating the obvious it’s no real secret that I’m a HUGE fan of this band and that in all honesty that probably will cloud my judgement slightly with that being said however I still think that ‘Opposites’ is a REALLY good album especially considering it’s a double album.

‘Different People’ starts the album with some synth slowly getting louder before Simon Neil cuts in with his guitar and vocals for a continuation of the mellow build up before it hits into a riff that everytime I hear reminds me of ‘The Pretender’ by the Foo Fighters, the guitar tone is fantastic and you can tell from this early point just how polished this album is going to sound a really strong way to start the album! Up next is one of the lead singles from the album ‘Black Chandelier’ which is an obvious choice for a single very radio friendly big epic arena sized chorus, but the star of the show in this song for me is the little beatdown bit. ‘Sounds Like Balloons’ comes next and is the first song to capture that quirky Biffy Clyro guitar style, it then proceeds to merge that with arguably the hugest sing-along chorus on the whole album, you also get the first taste of the funnier side of Biffy Clyro’s lyrics ‘Ancient Rome, we built that fucker stone by stone’. Next to appear is the mellow semi acoustic number ‘Opposite’ which takes the place filled by ‘God & Satan’ on ‘Only Revolutions’ or ‘Machines’ on ‘Puzzle’, a perfectly nice little song but definitely treading on areas they have before. The first song I heard from this album was ‘The Jokes On Us’ when it was debuted when Biffy supported the Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes, as soon as I heard it then I liked it and I remember listening to the grainy sounding crowd shot versions of the song for quite a while afterwards.. it sounds really great on record really crisp and precise. Another single ‘Biblical’ comes now before another three songs give way to CD1 closer ‘The Thaw’ which is another of the more mellow beautiful Biffy Clyro songs and is a really nice way to conclude the first half of the album.

Disc 2 starts with the first song that was officially released from the album ‘Stingin’ Belle’ which is very to the ‘Opposites’ album what ‘That Golden Rule’ was to ‘Only Revolutions’, by which I mean that heavier sounding really meaty sounding song, I find that Biffy Clyro tend to when you see them live, with the first song, either give you an epic opener such as ‘Different People’ like on disc one, or a smash mouth straight at you opener, with this album they achieve both starting each disc with the opposite (no pun intended) ends of the spectrum, this song is concluded by the awesome addition of bagpipes!! ‘Modern Magic Formula’ follows and displays some of that quirkyness again as Simon ‘Freaks Out’ this was one of the 2 previously non played songs they cracked out when I saw them at Download. Next to appear on the album is a mariachi band for the song ‘Spanish Radio’ which is an interesting and different vibe, ‘Victory Over The Sun’ follows which is in all honesty probably my favourite song over the double album, it has such an old school vibe to it, so much so it would probably slot straight into the ‘Blackened Sky’ album relatively unnoticed, as it is a slow builder with lots of clean picking before eventually they slowly build up on the distortion a little bit at a time, I genuinely can’t put into words how much I love this song. The less said about ‘Pocket’ the better really it’s the one song No matter how many times I’ve tried I just can’t take to it’s just far too… poppy. ‘Trumpet or Tap’ sees the inclusion of a genuine tap dancer on the chorus and is another song that is a slow burner as it gently winds it’s way to an heavy conclusion. ‘Skylight’ is another massive high point in the album for me it’s such a beautiful song and it genuinely gave me goosebumps live. Finally another couple of decent songs give way to the final song ‘Picture A Knife Fight’ which is rockier number with yet another huge chorus clearly written for the huge arenas they now fill on tours a pretty solid way to finish a very strong album.

Overall as I say I think there is probably some bias in this review but even when I push that aside (or at least attempt to) in my opinion you are still left with an extremely strong rock album, and what will in all honesty come the end of the year be in the mix for one of my albums of the year (Along with the next to be reviewed ‘The Next Day’ by David Bowie) in a time where guitar music is definitely on the decline in the mainstream at least Biffy Clyro are one of the few shining beacons left keeping the fight alive!

Rating: –


Tracklisting: –

Disc 1

01. ‘Different People’
02. ‘Black Chandelier’
03. ‘Sounds Like Balloons’
04. ‘Opposite’
05. ‘The Jokes On Us’
06. ‘Biblical’
07. ‘A Girl And His Cat’
08. ‘The Fog’
09. ‘Little Hospitals’
10. ‘The Thaw’

Disc 2

01. ‘Stingin Belle’
02. ‘Modern Magic Formula’
03. ‘Spanish Radio’
04. ‘Victory Over The Sun’
05. ‘Pocket’
06. ‘Trumpet Or Tap’
07. ‘Skylight’
08. ‘Accident Without Emergency’
09. ‘Woo Woo’
10. ‘Picture A Knife Fight’

Recommended Tracks: –

‘Victory Over The Sun’, ‘Skylight’, ‘Black Chandelier’, ‘The Jokes On Us’, ‘Sounds Like Balloons’


Video Of The Week – ‘Guardians Of Asgaard’ – Live Summer Breeze Festival

I know I’ve been quite lapse with this blog and I apologize for that, with that being said I’m gonna try and update it again more regularly.. So today I’m gonna post my video of the week which will this week be a live performance from Amon Amarth at last years Summer Breeze festival, the song is a fantastic rendition of ‘Guardians Of Asgaard’, I Hope you all enjoy!


One Minute Silence Release Trailer For ‘Fragmented Armageddon’

One Minute Silence have released a trailer for their new E.P due to be released this year entitled ‘Fragmented Armageddon’ it can be watched below! I have to say I used to love One Minute Silence back in the day ever since I saw them supporting Slipknot at Brighton back in 2002, as a result I’m super hyped about the idea of them returning! Anyway check out the trailer and Enjoy!